Wonderful session for the Legendary Pictures new logos fanfare. You’ll be able to hear the music later in 2018 when Legendary launch the new logo. We will also be posting the ‘Making Of’ film so watch this space!

Composed by Frank Ilfman, Orchestrated & Conducted by the Matthew Slater, recorded and mixed by Casey Stone at Abbey Road Studios and performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra.


Frank Ilfman just wrap up his mammoth score for Jonathan Geva’s movie ABULELE. The film is produced by Eitan Mansuri for Spiro Films.

Featuring 70mins of original music, performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra – orchestrated and conducted by Matthew Slater and recorded at Air Studios Hall.



“One of these modern releases happened to be a Death Waltz Recordings-released, colored vinyl pressing of the soundtrack for the 2013 suspense/horror film “Big Bad Wolves,” scored by Israeli composer Frank Ilfman. Ilfman has made his mark over the years composing a variety of films and television programs, predominantly revolving in the realms of documentaries, thrillers, and comedies, and his work is largely marked by a whimsical connection between emotion and melody.”

Read on, as we huff and we puff (not literally) with Mr. Frank Ilfman:


“To convey emotions through music that touches the listener and ultimately unite the whole film, you most have
a sense for the dramatics. You need to feel the music, not just hear it.
That’s where the real gift is” – Frank Ilfman