Frank Ilfman has signed to score the upcoming drama feature The Etruscan Smile.

The film is directed by Academy Award nominees Oded Binnun & Mihal Brezis (Aya) and stars Brian Cox, JJ Feild, Thora Birch and Rosanna Arquette.

The movie follows an old Scotsman who travels from his home in the remote island of Vallasay, Scotland to San Francisco to seek treatment for a terminal illness and finds his precious days left alive transformed as he bonds with his American grandson.

Michael McGowan (Saint Ralph, One Week), Michal Lali Kagan and Sarah Bellwood have written the screenplay based on the Spanish bestseller La Sonrisa Etrusca by Jose Luis Sampedro. Academy Award winner Arthur Cohn (The Chorus, Central Station, One Day in September) is producing the project. Ilfman will be recording his score with the London Metropolitan Orchestra orchestrated and conducted by Matthew Slater. The Etruscan Smile is set to be released in 2018.

Its been a Wonderful session for Legendary Pictures new logos fanfare.
You’ll be able to hear the music later this year when Legendary launch the new logo. We will also be posting the ‘Making Of’ film so watch this space!
Orchestrated & Conducted by the brilliant Matthew Slater, recorded and mixed by the fabulous Casey Stone.
Performed by the amazing players of the London Metropolitan Orchestra. Score supervised by Margaret Yan and Peter Afterman for Legendary.

We will be posting the ‘Making Of’ film so watch this space!

Frank Ilfman just wrapped up the score to Lionsgate “Ghost Stories” for directors Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, based on the west end hit play. The film Starring: Andy Nyman,  Martin freeman and Paul Whitehouse
will be in cinemas in April 2018.

Frank recorded the score at Air Lyndhurst Studios with a large orchestra and choir, soundtrack details to follow..

Abulele – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack out now from Intrada – Special Collection.

Vivid, exciting orchestral score by Frank Ilfman for first major Israeli fantasy feature! Makram Khoury, Yehuda Mor, Yoav Sadian Rosenberg star, Jonathan Geva writes, directs. Drawing inspiration from film world of Steven Spielberg, movie spins tale of young boy, grieving over loss of brother, finding new purpose in life upon discovery of large creature with glowing yellow eyes, power of invisibility. Composer Ilfman, director Geva are part of newer generation of Israeli film makers hoping to create larger-scale pictures that might play beyond Israel borders. Abulele is part of that new voice. Film has fantasy elements with creature effects and darker side with parallels to real life in Israel so Ilfman responds in kind. Resulting score has moments of poignancy, gentle melody as well as aggressive action sequences, darker suspense. Melodic portions offer rich harmonic vocabulary, action cues feature dynamic low brass & percussion rhythms. Both thematic and action-oriented cues get equal time under the spotlight. Gentle melody and sweeping variants play through “Prologue”, “The Legend Is True”, “We Are Friends”, “Adam’s Theme”, “Returning Home”, “End Titles” while dynamic rhythms and excitement play through “First Encounter”, “The Creature”, “The Assault”, “We Will Hunt It Down”. But Ilfman has yet one more musical trick up his sleeve: portions of score take two afore-mentioned styles into third direction with brittle yet playful idea that maintains melody while simultaneously offering rhythmic energy. “Meeting Abulele” highlights this mode. Ilfman states that score draws inspiration not from local ethnic colors but from bigger 80’s Hollywood fare with full symphonic scores on display. His score here offers welcome return to that now-mostly abandoned era of powerful symphonic film music. Another big plus: several lengthy cues afford overall score a degree of genuine coherency, rich musical architecture. Leading this pack are “It Will Come And Catch You” with meld of emotion, energy, “The Legend Is True” with warm harmonic vernacular on display, “We Will Hunt It Down” with dazzling array of dramatic, exciting ideas to savor. Great film score! Having Paul Golding record at world-class AIR Lyndhurst Studios in London is yet another big plus! Liner notes by Daniel Schweiger flipper-style cover design by Joe Siloryak allows listener to pick between mysterious darker artwork, brighter fantasy artwork. Matthew Slater conducts London Metropolitan Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!


Wonderful session for the Legendary Pictures new logos fanfare. You’ll be able to hear the music later in 2018 when Legendary launch the new logo. We will also be posting the ‘Making Of’ film so watch this space!

Composed by Frank Ilfman, Orchestrated & Conducted by the Matthew Slater, recorded and mixed by Casey Stone at Abbey Road Studios and performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra.