Big Bad Wolves

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

January 8, 2014
Frank Ilfman
Music Score Media
Producer: Frank Ilfman
Number of discs: Digital / CD / Vinyl

Frank Ilfman’s fantastic musical score is sort of reminiscent of the kind of things Danny Elfman was doing ten or so years ago ( Sleepy Hollow and Hulk spring to mind), but more baroque and frightening. The music is super rich and incredibly well-layered… (DVD Active)

Combined with a big orchestra, a deep warm sound and a clear recording, you have yourself a very addictive little album. If you want to unhide a gem, make it this one! (Peter Simons, Sychrotones).

Here is the soundtrack for the stylish and smart thriller that has been proclaimed the best film of 2013 by Quentin Tarantino – Big Bad Wolves!


Frank Ilfman, whose other credits include Nemesis Game, The Ferryman and Mercenaries, has written one of this year’s most elegant scores in the darker school of orchestral film music with his music for the acclaimed Big Bad Wolves. The film recently received an impressive 11 Israeli Academy Award nominations and has been very well received during festival screenings.

Combining thriller elements with mordant humor, Big Bad Wolves was described by The Hollywood Reporter as “fiendishly clever” featuring “mind-bending plot twists”. Ilfman’s music – beautifully performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra (Mr. Holland’s Opus, Stardust, Johnny English) – is centered on an interesting main theme which effectively contrasts minor and major chords, creating a noir-ish mood, and also features major action set-pieces.