Rory’s Way

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

August 1, 2019
Frank Ilfman
MusicScoreMedia / Kronos Records
Producer: Frank Ilfman, Mikael Carelsson

Composer Frank Ilfman has in my opinion created some of the most melodic and at the same time dramatic film scores in recent years. One of his more recent assignments in his busy work schedule is for RORYS WAY, this is a superb score that contains a varied collection vibrant and affecting thematic properties, it has to it a style and also an overall sound that is I suppose lilting, melancholy and faintly romantic and also one that is Celtic in its foundations. The composer has fashioned a beautiful work that is poignant and alluring. Solo piano and woodwind combine on several occasions throughout the work to bring to fruition remarkably haunting themes. The score is filled with subtle nuances that although subdued or slight at times still manage to convey so many emotions. The composers use of strings is inventive, they purvey an almost carefree mood, with the composer utilising them to play out a rich romantic persona at times, and then also using them to convey an air of comedy or lightness via quirky pizzicato flourishes, his use of Cello within the final cue of the soundtrack being heartrending, impacting and mesmerising. The score will I think be remembered for its abundance of themes, these are pleasant and also compelling, at times the richness and pure emotiveness of the work brings a shiver to your spine and a moistness to your eyes, it is Barry-esque in places and maybe comparable to John Barry’s work on MY LIFE. Melancholy, magical, and a sheer delight. Ilfman combines solo woodwind with piano to wonderful effect to create tantalising and heartrending musical passages.