Nominated Best Original Score (Killing Girls) – The Jerry Goldsmith Film Awards 2017

Winner Best Music in a Movie (Abulele) – The Jerry Goldsmith Film Awards 2016

Nominated Best Original Score (Abulele)
– The Israeli Film Academy Awards 2016

Nominated Best Original Score (Wounded Land)
– The Israeli Film Academy Awards 2015

Nominated Best Original Score (Cupcakes)
– International Music And Sound Awards 2015

Winner Best Original Music In A Movie (Big Bad Wolves) – The Saturn Award 2014

Winner Best Music in a Movie (Big Bad Wolves) – Jury Special Mention Sitges Film Festival 2014

Nominated Best Original Score (Big Bad Wolves)
– International Music And Sound Awards 2014

Winner Best Original Score (Big Bad Wolves) – Israeli Film Academy Awards 2014

Nominated Best Soundtrack (Nemesis Game) – The New Zealand Film and Television Awards 2013

Nominated Best Original Score (Noodle)
– The Israeli Film Academy Awards 2013

Best Original Score (Savage Messiah) – Two times Golden Genie Nomination 2012





From the moment an eight-year-old Frank Ilfman was given Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,

the seed was sown – the ambitious, budding musician had his heart set on a career in film music.

With an unwavering desire to achieve his goal, Ilfman has successfully dedicated himself to performing and understanding music.

He studied trombone and piano at the Jaffa Conservatorium of Music in Tel Aviv and as a young teenager was playing lead trombone

with the Tel Aviv Dixieland Band. However, the tenacious young composer became frustrated and bored with the structured methods

of the Conservatorium and was eventually asked to leave for playing truant – Ilfman wanted to be more imaginative with how he created

music, so went it alone.

In 1984, during a visit to Berlin, Ilfman got introduced to German composer Klaus Doldinger, who happened to be scoring The Neverending

Story at that time. A visit to the film’s recording sessions made Ilfman fall deeper in love with the art of film music and commit fully to his

ambition. He worked on his first television production, when he was just 17 years old, with composer Jan Hammer on the acclaimed

television series The Chancer, starring Clive Owen, and since then has scored more than forty films and numerous television shows.

Among his many talents is his ability to diagnose how music can best contribute to a film; from brooding melancholy to playful joviality,

his work covers a wide spectrum of genres and has gained him much respect in the field.

Frank Ifman’s recent scores include the new Legendary Pictures Fanfare Logo (coming 2018) recorded at Abbey Road Studio with

the London Metropolitan Orchestra.The Award-winning films Big Bad Wolves and Cupcakes, with scores performed by LMO at the

legendary Air Studios.Other credits include: May I Kill U?, a dark comedy, directed by BAFTA award winner Stuart Urban and starring

Kevin Bishop; Mercenaries, directed by Paris Leonti, starring Robert Fucilla and Billy Zane; the three-part award winning documentaries

The Iraq War and Putin, Russia and the West for BBC and the internationally acclaimed heartbreaking film Bitter Seeds, directed by

Micha Peled.

Forthcoming films include Lionsgate Ghost Stories starring Martin Freeman and Paul Whitehouse, scheduled

for 13/04/2018 release worldwide. The Etruscan Smile starring Brian Cox and JJ Fielding set for a 2018 summer release.

In 2008 Frank Ilfman was invited to join The European Film Academy (EFA) and The British Academy of Film and Television

Arts (BAFTA).